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Rice for Japanese people

The key to growing rice is a warm and humid climate. Asia has the both of them. 


The cultivation of rice fields began approximately ten thousand years ago in the Yangtze Valley in China. After that, rice farming culture spread to Japan. In the Yayoi period, agriculture became increasingly common in Japan, and the custom to eat rice for the staple food and fish and vegetables as side dishes became part of Japanese culture.


For a long time, people paid the NENGU tax, or tax required by local feudal lords, with rice. As Japanese peasants had their rice taken by the lord of their fields in this way, they were forced to eat various grains as the staple food instead of the rice. This, however, was the root of the rice culture we see today. Cooperating with each other, the peasants took care of their fields with great skill and care. These fields are not only necessary for Japanese life, but also represent an archetypal scene of Japan.






About Us

The Umeda-Higashi Beikoku shop, has been offering the highest quality and most flavorful rice, since it was first established in 1911, delivering rice to restaurants around Osaka.

In 2011, we opened our new shop “白_haku”, with the sole purpose of producing a place for interacting with the culture of “rice”. Walk 5 minutes toward the North from Hankyu Umeda station, and you will find our shop 白_haku waiting to warmly welcome you in.

 In this shop, there are more than ten brands of rice available. All of them are carefully selected and beautifully displayed in the shop.

We are always planning something new and fun through rice. When you are tired of walking in the busy city, please pay us a visit! We look forward to sharing our love for rice with you.

【 ​会社概要 】

社名    株式会社 梅田東米穀店

代表者   佐竹世津夫

設立    1969年11月19日

資本金   1000万円

業務内容  米・乾物の小売

所在地   〒531-0071


電話番号  (中津店)06-6372-0703


FAX番号   (中津店)06-6372-0704


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